Creative Design for Business

Strategic Design, Branding and Marketing

Find your ideal clients, stand out from the noise and move the needle.

Strategic Design, Branding and Marketing

Find your ideal clients, stand out from the noise and move the needle.

What We Do

Angle is a creative design firm committed to getting results for your business. Our passion is your success.

We help build powerful connections with your ideal customers.

We build Brand

Services and Products designed specifically for you


Branding is a company’s expression of their personality and values. Angle helps build comprehensive and compelling experiences to nurture lifelong relationships with clients.

Brand Strategy

Brand Study

Competitive Research

Logo and Identity System


Good creative design will set your company apart from the competition. Design can make a product or service feel more premium just in its aesthetic values.

Web Design


Corporate Reports

Print and Apparel


Modern marketing is overwhelming. Where should you focus advertising dollars when there are so many choices? Angle can help build and execute strategic marketing.


Social Media



Have you?

Clarified the purpose of your company?

Articulated its voice?

Learnt about your customers?

Defined your goals?

Tied these all together into an exceptional Brand.

Success Stories

Older homepage of a small business cleint that sells dogs. Business sold out with 6 months of hiring Angle for SEO and web design

Web Design / SEO / Social Media

Whippletree Labradoodles Re-Launch

Side Hustle to Sold Out Full-time Business

Turning a side business into a fulltime successful small business

Strategy / Identity Design / Web Design

Van Isle Labradoodles Re-Brand

Indentity for Growing Business

Re-Branding a successful business to increase renvenue and plan for the future.

Strategy / Social Media

Van Isle Labradoodles You Tube Channel

New Content Marketing Strategy

A wholistic content marketing strategy developed to reduce the hours required to keep content fresh on their website. Angle helped Van IsleLabradoodles launch their You Tube Channel

Our unique consultative process turns your institutional knowledge into design that your customers can understand and value