Corporate Report

Traditional Land Use and Occupancy Study

The traditional land use and occupancy of Tuck Inlet by the Metlaktla First Nation

  • Date: August 2015
  • Company: DM Cultural Services with Metlakatla First Nation
  • Sector: Government
  • Project: Tuck Inlet: Traditional Land Use and Occupancy by the Metlakatla First Nation
  • Services: Corporate Report Design; Historical/ Ethnohistorical Research; Archaeological research; Copy Writing
  • Brief:

This report used graphic design to breath life into an extensive ethno-historical and archaeological research project.

The report utilized local photography with clever use of typography to provide added interest and reader engagement.

Cover of Tuck Inlet Report: 2/3 green with topographic lines, last 1/3 picture of tuck inlet with super-imposed topographic lines. Good use of graphic design to enhance report.
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