Corporate Report

Transition Report

Transition of digital and physical historical research assets to the Metlakatla First Nation

A stack of Corporate Report Design: Metlakatla First Nation Transition Report showing off the unique cover graphic design
  • Date: April 2016
  • Company: DM Cultural Services with Metlakatla First Nation
  • Sector: Government
  • Project: Transition Report
  • Services: Corporate Report Design; Digital and Physical Records Management; Digital Archiving; Copy Writing
  • Brief:

DM Cultural Services finished several large scale Traditional Land Use Studies with the Metlakatla First Nation. They needed to return a large amount of research materials and deliver a large amount of digitised data. The report needed to provide a concise list of the physical assets being returned; folders, papers, microfilm, audio cassettes/CDs, as well as explain the digital files being delivered and how to use those files.

Cover and spread of Corporate report for Metlaktla First Nation. Shows unique graphic design of cover and full page spread highlighting process
Full page spread of corparate report showing process of adding new sites to database of sites recorded during a TUS study
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