For Wines and Wineries

Angle has designed a unique discovery process for wines and wineries.

The purpose of discovery is to remove any anxiety over the process of creating a label or complete branding package for wineries.

We want to be sure you have been heard, that you will like the work and that the work will speak to your ideal customers.

The "old way" of working with designers

In a conventional design process you speak to your designer about what you want and they disappear to their “design cave” surfacing a few weeks later with a big reveal.

But what happens if the work is not good? Or if they misinterpreted what you asked for?

We prefer to work collaboratively with you, have you be part of the process, a process where we are perpetually in alignment rather than in infinite revisions.


We have a three step process that helps keep all of our ideas in alignment:

01. User Profiles

Let’s get to know your customers!

Through a fun and interactive in-person workshop we work together to discover/define your primary and secondary customer types. We explore their jobs, challenges and pain points. We synthesize these insights into concise and thorough profiles.

In some cases we explore their journey from discovering your wine or winery through to a completed purchase. In other cases we simplify the process and just build profiles to help build better creative assets.

These profiles form the foundation of the second phase in designing wine labels for your winery; stylescapes.

A scrolling background image of post it notes and white board notes from strategy sessions. None of the writing is legible.
Examples of our in-person sessions where we explore your ideal customer profiles

02. Stylescapes

Stylescapes are a visual expression of your brand’s voice, tone, look and feel. They are a way to rapidly prototype design ideas.

We take images from the internet and create high fidelity boards for you to provide feedback. Stylescapes help set a broad direction for visual identity and allow for a collaborative approach at the earliest stages of design.

Because they can be assembled quickly stylescapes allow for quick and seamless changes in direction with little or no cost to the overall creative process. In most cases we provide three (3) stylescape versions per project.

A stylescape including "medium spice" elements for a fence wine. Rapid prototyping for wine labels
An imaginary wine label stylescape aimed at middle aged suburban women who enjoy gardening and sharing a glass of wine with their neighbours

03. Deliverables

This will vary project to project. It could just be one label for one wine or a whole brand identity.

For individual labels you will receive artwork in various file formats, typically one version for the printer (print ready ai) and one version for your proofing (pdf). In other cases the project may include mock ups for you to use on your website (png) or social media (jpg).

If you want to know what goes into a whole identity system have a look at our Branding and Identity page.

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