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More than just pretty

If you are a winemaker you probably obsess over the soil, your vines, and experiment with formulas to arrive at a flawless expression of your vineyard’s terroir. You should have a designer that shares your obsession and can tell the story of your wine through your label and branding.

A properly crafted label tells the story of your vineyard’s terroir. It adds to the visual experience of your wine. It stands out from clutter on the store shelf. Most importantly, it speaks to your customers

Three rows of wine bottles in a liquor store showing the importance of a differentiated label in marketing wine at retail.
It is easy to see how quickly your bottle can get lost on the shelf

You should have a designer that will share your obsession and tell the story of your wine through your label and branding.

Discovery Process

We have a unique “discovery” process designed specifically for wineries.

We work with you in a fun workshop environment to develop demographic and psychographic profiles of your ideal customers.

This process allows us to translate your wine into visual assets that will resonate with your ideal consumer.

A scrolling background image of post it notes and white board notes from strategy sessions. None of the writing is legible.
Fun exercises designed to profile your ideal customers and translate your wine into visual assets

The Label Matters concluded that most people buy wine based on the label!

At first this might seem like a terrible way for people to choose your product. At Angle we see it as a great opportunity for your business to stand out.

The majority of wine labels don’t work hard enough at telling the story of the wine itself through the label. A good wine label should make the customer almost taste your wine just by visually exploring the label.

UBC researcher Darcen Esau has suggested that the label can actually affect how we “taste” wine. Esau says he often buys wine based on the label and we know labels that resonate with people help them experience the wine more favourably. He also points out that labels can’t be all things to all people; every person is unique. It is important your label speaks to your customers.

The wine market is saturated with thousands of products. Most consumers aren’t all that well educated on what makes a good wine, but a well-crafted label can help your wine stand out.

The label needs to capture people’s attention, spark intrigue and communicate the hard work that has gone into the soil, vines, and the vinification process. The best designers can tell this story through the label.

young man in a wine shop choosing a wine based on label design

“Rather than simply decorative, the packaging created expresses the personality of the brand, the people behind it and of course what kind of wine, the style and quality of the product.”

-Dave Schuemann CF Napa Brand Design

The goal isn’t necessarily to be loudest most different thing on the shelf, but you do want your target consumer to feel like the product was made just for them.

Want to learn more about our process? Have questions about how we can help market your wine and winery to your ideal customer? Reach out an Contact Us.

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