Slide Deck

Indigenous Engagement and Training

Training deck for KDL Managers when working in Indigenous territories and with Indigenous employees

  • Date: Spring 2018
  • Company: DM Cultural Services with KDL Group
  • Sector: Industry
  • Project: Cultural Awareness Training
  • Services: Power Point Presentation Design and Notes; Historical Research; Ethnohistorical Research
  • Brief:

Aboriginal engagement and employment are core values of the KDL Group of companies. The presentation introduces workplace managers to the history and culture of the Carrier and Sekani People. The presentation was designed with a modern theme to help break the stereotype of Aboriginal people being “freeze dried” into a traditional past. The traditional culture of the Carrier and Sekani are important expressions of their unique identity, but this is not the same as being “stuck in the past.”

Several slides from the presentation laid out in a perspective shoot.
Slides from the presentation are presented in 3d isometic perspective
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