Presentation: Pre-Contact Military Fortifications: Siege Warfare and Implications for Land Ownership
Flat layout of three slides from presentation on Aboriginal Military Fortifications. Images of current site with large hill and model of fort. Some pictutres of warriors in full armour
  • Date: 2015
  • Company: JB Historical Research
  • Sector: Academic
  • Project: Pre-Contact Military Fortifications: Implications for Land Ownership
  • Services: Power Point Design and Notes; Historical Research; Archaeological Research; Ethnohistorical Research
  • Brief:

This power point design was for a presentation at the 2015 BC Studies Conference in Richmond BC. The deck needed to be modern and eye catching. The topic is not well known and images to support the presentation were not plentiful. The dark design was meant to make the presentation more intimate and reflect much of the Northwest Coast Indigenous art.

Three slides on edge. Pictures of "Kwakuitl Sword" a Tlingit Fortificationa nd a Tlingit warrior in partial armour
Three slides stacked isometrically showing warriors and fortifications